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The CEO of Scarlet Lens Productions, Leah Rifkin, sat down with Nancy Trites Botkin (President of Think8 Systems Inc.) to chat about the future of media and how it is evolving as an industry. 1. How do you think the media industry is changing? Media now is so encompassing, because we have devices for everything…It   Read More …

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This week is a review of the hit television series Pretty Little Liars, probably the most effective mystery-thriller series in terms of getting audience participation over social media. Just watch Twitter get flooded with guesses of who “A” is after a new episode airs.

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For all you gamers, be sure to check out these gems! (Written by: Thomas Peever)

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If you love critiquing films with your friends, you may be interested in reviewing them and having us publish them on our blog. Sound interesting? Read more…

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