Buffy movieLike, oh my god, it totally sucks when vamps ruin your senior dance! Hello, duh! Rude or anything?

Buffy Summers (Kristy Swanson), super popular cheerleader of Hemery High, has her purpose in life shifted from stabbing dudes in the heart metaphorically to stabbing dudes in the heart literally when Merrick (Donald Sutherland), a strange man who calls himself a “Watcher” approaches her and tells her she is “The Slayer” (of vampires). She resists at first, but when guys with pointy ears and pointy teeth pop up and start gnawing on her school chums, Buffy bucks up and takes up the stake.

This movie appears to have been made by people who didn’t really care about it: the director; the editor; the actors (especially Sutherland, who acts as though his character has a constant IV of morphine in his arm). That aside, it came out pretty fun and good for a laugh or two.

Recommended for: People who liked Clueless but thought it didn’t have enough violence.



MASHIn 1972, a television series inspired by a film inspired by a novel inspired by a hospital first aired, and became one of the most popular television series in western culture. In 1970, the film that inspired that series hit theatres, becoming “that film that inspired that series”.

MASH follows army doctors at a Mobile Army Surgical Hospital in South Korea during the Korean War. There isn’t much of a through plot. Rather, the film presents a series of vignettes: escapades of the immature and bored surgeons and hard line and uncompromising military personnel. As a reflection of the setting, MASH is a very dark satire – most notably in the scene where the surgeons hold a “Last Supper” for a man’s suicide (though during which he is fooled and given a mere sleeping pill).

If you’re a fan of the classic series, don’t watch MASH expecting the lovable scoundrel Hawkeye Pierce that Alan Alda portrays. You’ll be disappointed and probably a little disturbed.

Recommended for: People who liked The Dirty Dozen but thought it had too much violence.


Written by Trevor Jeffery

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    “Recommended for: People who liked Clueless but thought it didn’t have enough violence.” Love the recommendation!!

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