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Last week, the award-winning, critical darling Crazy Ex-Girlfriend aired its season finale. The newcomer CW series amazed and enamoured those who watched it with its catchy, satirical musical numbers and its irony feminism: despite its derogatory title, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is about how it is, to quote the theme song, “a little more nuanced than that.” (Read more…)

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You have to love the irony of someone who can actually communicate with the dead being an unabashed shyster ghost hunter. Notoriously hated Frank Bannister (Michael J. Fox) purports himself to be an exorcist. And in a way, he is – when actual ghosts haunt people’s houses, he shows up and gets rid of them. (Read more…)

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If Chuck Palahniuk’s Rant and Fight Club adopted and raised a web series, it would grow up to be Haphead. The future is filled with nifty gadgets – floating security drones, glowing eyeballs, and the newest, most immersive video game experiences yet. Game enthusiasts can connect their consciousness directly into a game, and experience it in full virtual reality.

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Nothing says “surrogate family” like seven emotionally jagged individuals thrust together over their mutual ignorance of the Spanish language. At Colorado’s Greendale Community College, Jeff Winger (Joel McHale) enrolls after his fake legal degree was exposed as, well, fake.

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