Tracy Morgan has returned to stand up after a long battle with a Walmart truck. If you don’t know that story, don’t worry – he clears it up immediately.

Morgan shows his most articulate side in Staying Alive, setting aside a bit of his glorious buffoon persona. A bit. He displays a degree of emotional intelligence time and again, which he immediately undermines, time and again. It’s a good schtick and has staying power, throughout the hour-long special at least.

Tracy Morgan isn’t for the faint of heart or the weak of stomach. He has some choice visuals that are unarguably tasteless and brings up topics that a more of-the-times comedian would realize are at the very least tired, at the most ignorant and offensive (though, by comparison, Morgan can be said to merely walk the line where others do a full front-faced dive over it).

It’s all quite personal, though, from his recovery from the aforementioned confrontation with a Walmart truck, to his new and former marriage and looming mid-life checkpoint. It’s a Tracy Morgan you wouldn’t expect if you only know him from Saturday Night Live and 30 Rock.

Recommended for: Anyone who misses Astronaut Jones – when it comes down to it, that is the Tracy you’ll see here.

If crotchety old man is your thing, then thank goodness Norm MacDonald is still around.

In Hitler’s Dog, Gossip  Trickery Norm MacDonald gives a tongue-in-cheek reminder to the audience how “kids these days” don’t know how good they’ve got it. Those who remember MacDonald from his Weekend Update days on Saturday Night Live might be disappointed by the content – he’s not as topical as he once was, or, at all, really. But fans won’t be disappointed by his traditional wry delivery. Over the decades Norm hasn’t changed his bit much, showing him to be a true timeless comedian and living up to David Letterman’s praise of being one of the three funniest people in comedy.

Good ol’ Norm doesn’t come off as a mean and angry person like some comics do. He doesn’t target groups or specific people – save for Hitler, but most can agree that he’s fair game. Norm MacDonald may be the new king of modern classic, timeless comedy. Hopefully there will be another special from him, you know, to confirm.

Recommended for: People who are sick of other comedians trying to out-edge each other instead of telling proper jokes.

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