The murderous hillbilly trope is topsey-turveyed in Dale & Tucker vs. Evil when some college kids on their camping getaway are actually the ones gruesomely killing themselves.

Dale and Tucker are two bumpkins just looking to get away from it all. But a group of youngsters’ minds immediately jump to Deliverance level assumptions at the mere sight of Dale and Tucker. The result is a lot of unfortunate (and accidental) bloodshed.

Dale & Tucker vs. Evil is a comedy that takes jabs at horror classics such as the aforementioned Deliverance, The Hills Have Eyes, and Cabin Fever. The key to the film is the likability of the titular “heroes,” as they were; Tyler Labine and Alan Tudyk are consistently great, and have wonderful chemistry. The passion behind the film is endearing, and the concept is a unique spin on an old classic. The story holds strong, but as a comedy film, the script falls short of something that could be truly amazing.

Recommended for: Anyone who feels like a horror film with plenty of gory deaths, but no murders.



The murderous house intruder trope is flippy-flopped in Don’t Breathe, when some burglar kids on an easy mark find themselves the victims of a blind man exacting revenge via self defence.

Rocky, Alex and Money are a group of small time burglars. They promise themselves one last big heist – a blind veteran who has stacks of cash in his house. It seems like an easy job, but soon they realize that just because he’s blind doesn’t mean he won’t defend his home.

Don’t Breathe is a perfect gore-less (mostly), monster-less (ignoring metaphor) and goof-less (except for the turkey baster) horror. The suspense is so thick the danger seems real. Stephen Lang’s “Blind Man” is like Daredevil meets Kevin McCallister – as the film’s antagonist (though you should be rooting for him, you will realize more and more you should not be), he conveys pure power and terror. The dark- and dankness of the atmosphere – the interior of this shut-ins house – is iconic in itself, becoming more like a dungeon than a residence. If there were more films like Don’t Breathe, it would still stand out as exceptional.

Recommended for: Anyone who feels like rooting for the bad guys, because the good guy turned out to be way worse.

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