Morton Schmidt and Greg Jenko (Jonah Hill, Channing Tatum) were high school enemies. Years later, they find themselves police school best friends, and eventual partners. They are put undercover as high school students to bring down a drug ring. It seems simple enough, but both having had bad high school experiences, they get caught up in a world they always wanted.

Brought to you in this decade by writing/directing/producing team Phil Lord and Chris Miller, 21 Jump Street is a movie remake of a 1980s television series. It seems as though Lord and Miller were almost resentful about helming a Hollywood remake; 21 Jump Street on the surface is a fun and zany action comedy, but even looking a tiny bit deeper yields and underlying tone of cynicism and irreverence for the craft of filmmaking.

That aside, 21 Jump Street set the bar for this decade, and set the record straight (finally) that Judd Apatow doesn’t have to be involved in every comedy this century. It’s a fantastic comedy, and to some extend, a hour and a half long criticism of today’s remake obsessed film industry.

Recommended for: Anyone who wants to see what it looks like when cartoon guys take a crack at live action.

Schmidt and Jenko are again back on Jump Street (though relocated one door down). This they’re going to college, again to infiltrate the student life and stop a drug ring again. And again, they get sucked into the experience they never had, putting it above their duties as officers. Again.

That aforementioned cynicism and resentment found in 21 Jump Street is only amplified in Lord and Miller’s 22 Jump Street. The first three quarters of the film is essentially the exact same thing in different dress. They know it. Heck, they not-so-subtly mention it.

Like the first, 22 Jump Street is packed with things to laugh at. The true mastery of Lord and Miller lies in their ability to cram so much ridiculous and derailing humour into the Jumps, while still having sweetness and heart that isn’t undermined by the comedy.

Recommended for: Anyone who loved 21 Jump Street enough to watch it again in the form of a completely new movie.

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