Finally, a show that breaks from all those negative stereotypes of the undead/reanimated/what-have-you.

Sgt. James Hayes arrives at a his small town cemetery to investigate an unusual call: a local boy witnessed a few folks crawling out of their graves. James arrives to find out that, yeah, it looks like that happened… and it’s soon confirmed when one of the re-alive is his (formerly) dead wife. Working with the local doctor to figure out what the heck – because there’s nothing actually wrong with these formerly deceased – while keeping it private, leads them and the gang of living-againers into a heap of trouble, and into something that is much bigger than they initial imagined. If that’s even possible.

Glitch has great everything: great cast, great suspense, great intrigue, and the greatest, nicest zombies anywhere. While there are six episodes in its first season, it doesn’t feel like anything is missing. The story doesn’t move too fast that it ignores it peripheral characters, and doesn’t stock up on filler – there’s simply no room. Yeah, the final episode of the season creates more questions than it answers, but in a way that satisfies. It’s a perfect stopping point for a greater story yet to unfold.

And that’s what’s refreshing about Glitch: it is through-and-through a serialized series, but its first season reminds you to stop and smell the flowers. It encourages you to enjoy the episodes as they are, instead of rushing you through to the next one. Almost in spite of its suspense, it’s easy to forget about what might be coming next for being caught up in the drama and story that is happening now.

It seems like a boring premise: people come back from the dead with no quirks. But it’s one of those shows that is much more than its premise – and one of those shows where its premise isn’t as simple as a log line.

Season 1 episodes to win you over: Episode 1: The Risen; Episode 4: There Is No Justice; Episode 5: The Impossible Triangle

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