Sarah Silverman is consistently phenomenal in her new stand-up special, A Speck of Dust.

A Speck of Dust isn’t out there or revolutionary (honestly what comedy is these days?) but it’s consistent and quality all the way through – which if you look at it comparatively, it at least seems revolutionary. There are no dips or lulls in Silverman’s set; each moment is a welcome bit of humour, not even going a minute without a passable laugh.

Over the years Silverman’s style has refined, and it shows in A Speck of Dust. This special is still very Silverman, but it gets a bit sillier. She’s quick and frequent to set you up with her calling card gross-out stuff, she just goes goofy with it afterward.

Topics include her sisters’ “shortcomings,” her dead dog (and current new dog), and how seemingly innocent Tweets can both fully hit and completely miss the mark (depending on the depth of your interpretation), if you’re unlucky enough to have one about the temperature of your dog’s waste scheduled to post five minutes after Osama Bin Laden was captured and killed.

Recommended for: Anyone thinking about getting a second dog.

The podcast pioneer takes stage for his second Netflix special, Too Real.

Maron is still Maron in Too Real, but the bitterness and misanthropy is all but completely gone. The self deprecating is there, but… justified, for a lack of a better term, rather than nitpicky and a reflection of Maron’s own infamous self loathing. It’s a cheerier Marc Maron doing the Marc Maron schtick, and it’s not to his detriment. It’s as though he caught on, that the angry guys can be angry for only so long before it becomes more sad than funny.

Topics include his own mortality – and what’s worth spending time on, given the amount of time he might have left, his new kitten, and of course the new big comedy jackpot/lose-lose situation for everyone else, Donald Trump. Maron opens his show ambiguously asking “Alright, I can’t take it… I don’t know what he’s going to do next,” and moments later speculating that the people who voted for him share that sentiment.

Recommended for: Those who can still appreciate, but have ultimately moved past the “unrestrained anger is funny” trope.

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