It’s almost like it’s 2005 again for Comedy Central; The Daily Show is finding huge success with its increasingly progressive commentary during the most clownish Presidential administration to date, and is followed by a former Daily Show correspondent spending the entirety of his time on television satirizing supporters of said clown administration. But, just as now it seems like the Bush administration was softball compared to Trump’s, The Colbert Report seems like The Opposition’s “before picture” in a “dangers of methamphetamine use” PSA.

The Opposition with Jordan Klepper is very much abashedly following in the footsteps of The Colbert Report. But instead of satirizing the Bill O’Reilly/Fox News traditional conservative, it’s after the new era of conservatism, setting its target on the Alex Jones/InfoWars type.

It doesn’t quite strike the same chord that Stephen Colbert would – the Colbert Report presented as a finely-tuned and well-oiled machine, where The Opposition is that same machine duct-taped together, covered in tinfoil and making a concerning “whhrrrring” sound. But don’t think that’s not intentional – what better metaphor is there for the alt-right when comparing them to traditional conservatives? The DIY sensibilities of The Opposition – its conspiracy board, its “citizen journalists” title for correspondants, the fact that it looks like it’s filmed in a survivalist bunker – play well with the satire The Opposition is all about.

The Opposition with Jordan Klepper is finding its legs – Klepper’s monologues lack punch and charisma, the field correspondent pieces have little ingenuity and the show format doesn’t offer anything new other than its colour pallette. Where The Opposition and Jordan Klepper shine is in the interviews at the bottom of the show. That’s where all the real interesting bits are, and Klepper really comes out as the character he’s supposed to be, playing both sides of the satire with both edifying and humourous results.

But just like how we actually don’t need The Colbert Report more than ever – even that version of Colbert would not support the Trump administration without a major character rehaul (he’d probably be more of a Ted Cruz guy) – The Opposition probably, and hopefully, has a short shelf life, as this new-wave Republicanism née Libertarianism that is currently known as alt-right finds its footing and either stabilizes as something more widely palatable (and completely different) or dissolves away altogether a few years into the 2020s. Either way, right now The Opposition with Jordan Klepper is a satisfying variation to what all the other late night shows are doing these days.

Recommended for: People who just leave the TV on after The Daily Show.

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