The murderous hillbilly trope is topsey-turveyed in Dale & Tucker vs. Evil when some college kids on their camping getaway are actually the ones gruesomely killing themselves..(Read More)..

To get it out of the way: yes, it’s that series with the British PM and the pig on broadcast television..(Read More)..

Tracy Morgan has returned to stand up after a long battle with a Walmart truck. If you don’t know that story, don’t worry – he clears it up immediately..(Read More)..

The O.J. Simpson trial for the murder of Nicole Brown Simpson, his ex-wife, and Ron Goldman will remain infamous for longer than initially thought, given his only slight celebrity status..(Read More)..

Back to school for Harry and the like, but not before a bout of unwarranted anger toward those who hold him dear..(Read More)..

Hank Azaria is again behind the microphone, but this time in front of the camera in IFC’s new series Brockmire. (Read More…)

Not for the love of music, but for a girl he saw across the street – what does it matter where inspiration comes from?..(Read More)..

HBO’s flagship non-government-themed comedy returns for its fourth season at the end of the month, so now’s the time to get in the loop (that was very clever wordplay if you know your BBC spinoffs and remakes). (Read More…)

The two most iconic supernatural serial murderers of film face off to see who is indeed the best at stabbing..(Read More)..

Here are just a few amazing words we now have because of the Battlestar Galactica franchise: frack (and variations, including frackhead, motherfrakker etc.; a curse word); toaster (as a pejorative for robots); skinjob (in reference to a robot passing for human)..(Read More)..