leah rifkin


CEO & Executive Producer

Leah brings a passion for media and a love of storytelling to her role as CEO and Executive Producer at Scarlet Lens Productions. A graduate of the acclaimed Radio & Television Arts program at Ryerson University, Leah has always had a gift for transforming ideas into visual stories on screen.

Her strong leadership skills and creative energy served her well as the lead Media instructor at the summer program of Canada’s Academy of Stage and Studio Arts, where she shared her wealth of knowledge with children & youth eager to learn the craft of media.

With a strong entrepreneurial spirit at her core, Leah thrives on developing innovative work as a writer, director and producer. She was nominated for the 2013 Digi Award for Graduate of the Year.

Leah is the author of the award-winning book Beyond The Director’s Chair which highlights key leadership skills that will make any director a successful motivator on set. The book is available for purchase on the book website, on Amazon, and in store at the Indigo located at Yonge and Eglinton as well as in the store at the TIFF Bell Lightbox in Toronto.

“My greatest joy is to know that the stories I create have a positive effect on the lives of others. Story telling is a powerful tool to innovate ideas, provide insight, and inspire minds to achieve more. My purpose is to share my love of story telling with the world.”





Edan Kelner



Chief Financial Officer

Edan graduated with an honours Bachelor of Accounting degree from Brock University in 2012. Having successfully passed all of the required professional examinations he is now a Chartered Accountant.

Edan brings a depth of knowledge in taxation and assurance to the table. He has worked with various small businesses and non-profit entities, and has performed bookkeeping, payroll, financial statement preparation and tax return preparation services for those clients. He provides consulting services and is skilled in creating budgets and earnings forecasts.

Edan is a volunteer for a high school youth group, of which he was an active member when he was in high school. Additionally, Edan enjoys travelling and staying active.










Tiffanie loves to get involved in exciting projects, and she was Producer for the award-winning edutainment web series Out of Frame for its second season. She’s confident that the series will expand and reach new audiences worldwide!

Originally from Montreal, Tiffanie has a background in Event Planning and Marketing. She graduated from Concordia University’ School of Community and Public Affairs, with a minor in Theatre. Following a sudden need for change, she dropped everything in her Belle Province in pursuit for a career in TV, which bought her to Fanshawe College, where she completed a Post Grad in TV News Broadcasting.

She has since gotten a wide range of experience in the field, and has worked at CTV News in Montreal, Castlewood and Antica Productions in Toronto, and has also interned in the production office at ET Canada, her favourite Entertainment show.

In her spare time, she enjoys kicking and punching – Muay Thai style – as well as surfing the web for ideas for her next big project.






IMG_0691 copy 2



The genres of fantasy and dark comedy are near and dear to Thomas’s writing hand.

Thomas has a flare for developing enthralling science-fiction drama stories because they give him the freedom to allow the story to evolve and move in imaginative directions. Thomas is also inherently funny, and his incredible sense of humour jumps right off the page.

Born in Edmonton, Alberta, and living the majority of his life in Sarnia, Ontario Thomas grew up with an appreciation for the environment and nature. With a passion for the arts and strong interest in science and technology, it is only natural that Thomas pursue a career in audio-visual production. He is very focused on writing for different kinds of projects to hone his skill. It also doesn’t hurt to have the things he is writing produced on screen.

The Scarlet Lens team is so pleased to have Thomas on board the creative team. He currently writes content for the SLP Watchlist™, SLP Shorts™, as well as for the web series, Out of Frame. Thomas is also the lead writer for a cutting-edge television show that SLP has in development.






Laura McCallum



Executive Producer’s Assistant

Laura is currently enrolled in the RTA Media Production program at Ryerson University. Although she is a student, her creative endeavours have led her to a diverse amount of experiences working as a young professional in the media industry.

Through her time as a Production Coordinator at Sandbox – La Boîte a Films, Laura worked on the market research, patent registry, design process, and development of an iPhone/Android application and completed applications for various international film festivals. As both a crew member and production assistant on the documentary, The Sunrise Storyteller, Laura filmed scenes and also worked on the PR & marketing team to curate events and exhibitions for the film. During a placement at TVCogeco, Laura had the chance to direct and edit several television productions for the company. She has also worked as a featured actor on various commercial, short film, television, and music video productions.

Laura’s experience behind and in-front of the camera has nurtured her passion for media arts. She believes that her drive and ambition are her most compelling attributes. Her interests include international development studies, travel, creative writing, cinematography, and dramatic arts.







Contributing Writer – Trevor is focused mainly on writing reviews for the SLP Watchlist™ that goes out every week, however he is also a writer for Season 3 of Out Of Frame.


Contributing Graphic Designer – She is hard working and has a positive energy. Anytime we have new reports or designs going out, Sara makes sure they are done professionally.